It is exhilirating and yet terrifying to imagine running away home from to be able to live and work in paradise.  I know.  I have done it.  And I survived.  And I learned.  And now I want to help you get the same joy that I experience every day working and earning a good living while living the life of my dreams in paradise.  Paradise to me is a tiny white sandy beach island in the Caribbean off the coast of Cancun.  But it can be anywhere for you - wherever your heart beats faster.   

I've created all these free resources to help you start on the path, because I know that once you have seen the light, and know what the future can bring, you will want to dig deeper and explore this opportunity further.  And I will be here to help you when you are ready to learn more and take steps towards changing your future.  When that time comes, I hope you will want to upgrate to one of my paid course or programs.  

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Step 6: Access The Best Remote Job Board - Flex Jobs

Finding a remote job is one of the best ways to work in paradise, and FlexJobs is hands-down the best resource to find and land great remote jobs.

Step 7:  Learn How To Become A Well-Paid Freelancer

Another great way to work in paradise is to become trained as a skilled freelancer in one of the 80 roles taught at Freelance U.  They offer work-at-your-own-speed training, plus a powerful job board to help you find your first freelance gig fast. 

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I have prepared 3 eBooks with valuable information to help you in your journey of learning to live and work in paradise.  Get them now right here - for free of course.


Diane Huth

The Runaway Sherpa

Diane Huth

The Runaway Sherpa

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